Expander for the Lower Part of the Body

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The present invention relates to an expander for the lower part of the body which expander can be easily used at home and other places by anybody for straightening the lumbar to prevent lower back pains and strengthening the leg and abdomen muscles.

The same applies to health equipment for preventing lower back pains such as lumbago.

No health equipment has not been available yet which can simultaneously accomplish the sure traction stretch of the lumbar, particularly the sacra which are fourth and fiftli vertebrae regarded to be difficult to pull by conventional health equipment and the strengthening of the leg and abdomen muscles.

The waist belt is merely used to fix the lower back and has a little effect on the traction of the lumbar because these equipment are designed for the leg exercise.

A lumbar band of an expander for the lower part of the body according to the present invention has a double structure by being woven with an elastic scrip, and a horizontal force (see in FIG. 1) necessary to hold the lumbar and a vertical force (see in FIG. 2) necessary for the traction and straightening, i.e. a composite traction force,can be created by the elastic strip. As far as the inventor knows, there has been no expander which can simultaneously perform the traction of tbe lower back necessary for the prevention of lower back pains and the strengthening of the leg and abdomen muscles combined with the movements of the legs by one exercise.

In view of the above problems existing in the prior art, an object of the present invention is to mainly simultaneously perform the traction and straightening of the lumbar and the strengthening of the abdomen and leg muscles and to provide an expander for the lower part of the body which can be easily stored and carried around, can be simply used at home by anybody, and can prevent lower back pains.


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