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I propose that by including biometric sensors into a portable computing platform, a new and powerful medical diagnostic product called the iMedic will alert consumers to a range of medical conditions.

Given the fact that a high percentage of the population tends to either carry or access their portable phones on a daily basis, the incorporation of sensor technology into this platform makes real-time monitoring and telemetry to the medical provider of your choice, very probably.

For example, current technology would allow the iMedic to not only serve up webpages, text and handle phone calls, it can easily monitor your blood pressure and heart-rate. With the inclusion of yet to be developed sensors, the user's sweat can be sampled and processed in real-time to alert the user to a range of medical conditions possibly ranging from common colds, to cancer.

This innovation would not only change the future of mankind, it would allow your medical professional to understand your condition before you are aware of it. An appointment can be scheduled or more immediate action taken if the condition is life threatening.

Additional uses will include the use of the onboard camera to scan for eye problems, ear problems and of course upper respiratory infections. Software will be able to assist the doctor in making a speedy diagnosis by forwarding images for his or her diagnosis. In addition, a skin cancer app will allow the iMedic to alert you to suspicious changes in skin appearance through its access to an online database of known cancerous growths.


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