Apple Controls Diabetes 2

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My Innovations- A brief

Apple Therapy for Diabetes 2, By D.P.Parkhe
my Major Innovation is on Diabetes
For which on Jan 8, 2011 received a prestigious “Innovation Award 2011 from IIT Bombay Alumni Association Chapter Pune, India, for Innovation of Apple a day for
“ Use of Apple for sugar control is a NOVEL finding which has brought Diabetes under control even by eliminating Pills and Insulin avoiding all the side effects.”

This innovation is of Global Importance of this century
This work is approved by “Academy Health Research Org. USA” for poster reading in their conference held in the month of June 2003. And is published in various forums in USA. and also in Bimonthly magazine of Diabetic Association of India ,Pune Branch India. It is also published in Magazine of “Health Care Net work Magazine” of New Zealand. And full article was published in Pune’s, Sakal Daily News Paper of 4 th Sept2005 which is having 1.5 million circulation. And in Gavakari Daily News Paper of Nashik, and in all leading news papers of India.
And from 7 th December 2009 it is taken up, on mass scale, by people themselves, voluntarily and spontaneously in India,, as a sure solution for Diabetes II even by eliminating Pills and Insulin.
I have done experiments on myself and found out the pattern of blood movement in my body for 24 hours and plotted 2 circular Graphs, one for day and one for night,
Based on this I carried out further experiments with various factors, like exercise, foods, fruits, stress, etc. and projected the results on these circular graphs which were drawn for a day and for a night.
While doing these experiments apple has reduced my sugar count of 180 to 120 mg/dl within half an hour, then I did experiments on myself, to standardize the treatment,
I found that people who take insulin their sugar comes down very fast, now many doctors and hospitals have started giving this Apple Therapy treatment to patients, with very good results in India and in other countries..
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I have given some 42 nos. of representative case studies, which will be available on Face book, LinkedIn etc.
If anybody wants to practice this Therapy please do it on your own or on consultation with Physician
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