Hand-in-Scan Hand Hygiene Control System

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Hospitals are losing the fight against nosocomial infections that affect 1.4 million people per day, and killing 100,000 in the US annually. We aim to reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) by 30%, saving patient lives and hospital treatment costs. Alcohol-based hand rubs are recognized as the most effective tool to prevent HAI, therefore these became a standard and a European Norm.

Our Hand-in-Scan innovation (PCT patent pending) has the unique capability to provide objective and real-time feedback to the user and the management on the efficacy of hand rubbing. It uses ultraviolet light and digital imaging with Artificial Intelligence methods to highlight disinfected versus unaffected areas after regular hand rubbing, and it also provides an overall quality score. These functions make it a unique tool for effective education of hand hygiene, targeting a wide group of people from children to surgery professors.

Hand-in-Scan’s utility is plentiful: integrated into medical institutions, it can protect both the patients and the medical staff by indirectly motivating proper and frequent hand washing and compliance with the local regulations. Second, it could be used in training: helping medical students to learn effective hand disinfection. Beyond, the general public can also be trained for proper hand hygiene with it. The operation of the device is easy; a digital image of the hand is automatically analyzed after a general hand washing procedure had been performed. Hand-in-Scan has the potential to reliably compare and verify different hand washing techniques, and through microbiological studies, their correlation to cross-contamination can also be proved, thus it can reduce HAI by 30%, saving patient lives and hospital treatment costs. The importance of adequate hand hygiene has been advocated by many international organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO).

There is a trend on the market to develop hand hygiene control systems with different approaches, but all of them apply indirect verification. The only devices on the market to verify anything beyond compliance are the Hygreen system from Xhale tech. Inc. and Biovigil’s hygiene solutions. These determine the presence of remnant alcohol scent on the hand, providing no guarantee for adequate disinfection. Despite the generally very vivid market of hand hygiene, we are the potential leaders with a focus on the proper technique.

We understand the significant barriers to enter the world market, thus we have developed a three-stage market entry strategy for the products:
1. Audit services: hospital-wide training and assessment programs as a service.
2. Early product sales: for clinical partners, existing contacts. Selling and distributing through our contact channels.
3. Partnered product sales: becoming an OEM provider of a major hand rubbing solution manufacturer, using their own sales and market knowledge.



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