Small Sample Analysis Device

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* A small-scale sample analyzer, in a portable package. Can possess much of the functionality of an analytical laboratory – yet requires little-to-no training. Has a simple interface and the portability of a laptop, tablet (e.g. "iPad"), smart phone or other wireless "smart" mobile device.

* In our proof-of-concept, highly energized photons are emitted from a small source, inside the device. These photons pass through a cassette containing a fluid or solid sample. The resulting excitation emission from this interaction has a specific energy signature, which is captured by a detector. Then, the raw data is sent via USB, or wirelessly, to a laptop (or other mobile device), where proprietary software processes the data and correlates the final result to a specific element or group of elements. Other iterations of this technology may include, but are not limited to - electrochemical or biochemical interactions, optical lasers and/or UV fluorescence.

* May test for over two dozen elements. Various versions of our device may provide on-the-spot testing of fluids, soil, oil and foods. They may also test blood and urine for elements (from the Periodic Table), which may indicate the presence of any infectious agents, toxins, drug levels or contaminants (toxic and non-toxic).

* Our proof-of-concept device requires 120 seconds (two minutes) to analyze a sample for multiple elements. Other versions of our device may require from a few minutes to 1/4 of an hour, dependent upon the complexity of the analysis. [Sending a sample to a remote analytical lab can take from 24 hours to multiple weeks to get test results.]

* One device can perform multiple real time readings and analyses on several samples of interest, using inexpensive (and disposable) sample cassettes. The devices are relatively inexpensive to make, are easy to transport (due to their very small footprint) and are designed to be quite durable. The nearest portable analysis competitors – nearest, because there is no direct competition for our first device – retails for more than twice the price we expect to charge per unit.

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