Walking with Your Arms

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To improve the exoskeleton project

Abstract. This invention aims to help people who became paralytic after spinal cord injury to walk again using their arms (thanks to a robotic set attained to arms and legs). Remember at the beginning human being ancestors have been able to move by using synchronously their four legs. They were quadruped or quadrumane. Nowadays, walking stability greatly depends on arms movement. Thus, this project will help paralytic people to improve their mobility without using wheelchairs, crutches or walkers. Even in case of falling, paralytic people could use their hands and their arms to stand up again. This system will allow paralytic people to get equilibrium like when healthy people move on bicycles. We can move on bicycles thanks to our brain. Of course, some training will be necessary. We had to advise you that we can suspend the system when paralytic people want to do other activities like eating or writing.

Jean Jacques Raphael, Inventor
Patent on pending
June 2012


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