Medical Bed

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Special bed for patients who stay in the hospital for long periods of time, like the brain dead, coma, and so which lead to bed ulcer. These patients will face with bed wound and muscle weakness and other vital problems due to lack of movement. This bed helps patients and medical team in order to conquest those mentioned problems.

The bed surface is full of air tubes, all air tubes are separately controllable for pressure, air flow, and working sequence. The bed structure has 3 major joints according to human body position like head, back,legs, and feet. Joints are equipped with pneumatic and electronic actuator which can make all medical positions regarding to patient condition and orthopedic primary rules. Concurrently, all actuators and air tubes are programmable to make a comfortable condition in order to help better blood circulation and muscle practice as an artificial real body motion. Other factors like body temperature and some special services are considered for better service to medical system.


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