Cheapest Disposable Suction Liner in the World

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The system Suction or aspiration of fluids or secretions Bodily is used in a large number of surgeries worldwide, this system allows fluids collect in a container (Liner) safely and without risk of contamination, there are currently Different Products as rigid disposable Canister disposable suction liners, which have a good performance and in functionality are effective, unfortunately a large number of hospitals and clinics in the world do not use because the cost, as it is more economical to use a solid container which must be washed after each procedure, which increases the risk of contamination and infection and the possibility of damaging the vacuum system of the place, and does not allow good management of hazardous waste (blood, body fluids)

The proposed liner has a design that seeks to be efficient, safe and very low cost, so it can be used by any institution in the world and these in turn can provide safely to their patients.

The most economical and safe product on the market is the disposable suction liner, usually composed of a semi-rigid bag and one cap with two holes one for the vacuum connection (with filter) and one for suction (with check valve). This product should always be mounted on a rigid container called canister which is reusable, the function of this vessel is to create a vacuum around the bag (liner) to keep it expanded even when you are making vacuum inside the bag.

Product cost is between 3 and 20 dollars, but being a high consumption product results in high costs for institutions.

This proposal reduces the cost significantly and marketing if large volumes could be sold from 1 USD and 2 USD. The new liner is a disposable bag, with 2 outputs, one for generating the vacuum (with filter) and one for suction the patient (with check valve), the new product eliminates the disposable cover over 40 gr plastic which means the main cost of the product and makes it a reusable portion coupled to the canister. also changes the direction of the connection to prevent leakage of fluids, and minimizes over 50% the volume of the packaged product that significantly reduces transportation costs, is also environmental care product because it reduces burning plastics.


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