3-Dental Mapping & Plugging

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The purpose of my project is: bring to dentists the possibility of improving their diagnostic method with a tool device that will enable doctors to see in real-time images over and inside the teeth. It will reach every boundary, orography of each teeth and dental roots inside the patient mouth. The patient will also have the opportunity to look of what is happening in his/her mouth to give them confidence and better understanding of diagnosis.
As a student, I’ve been related to the used tools that make cavities on a patient’s teeth. Most patients get nervous during medical procedure, Dentist also waste time interchanging bur tools.
Considering that dentist’s visual area of work is reduced and time is important because of patients’ face muscles will eventually reduce visibility due stress.

I’d like to call my project "Project Frankenstein" that´s because based on the premise "all in one". Taking and relating several tool devices working together and dentist will end with a little integrated work station based on 3 components, ‘the Twins’ (T1,T2) and a HD touch screen monitor.
T1 & T2 fabrication material:
To reduce dentist’s hands fatigue. Handle structure is carbon fiber made, material is lighter, more resistant and stronger than iron reducing the thickness we´ll able to introduce more tool functions and components inside the high and low speed handle piece.
T1 functionality
It will be our mapping guide; instead of the bur, we have two functionalities, an x-ray cam and a laser scanner, the first one will take several picture shots of teeth with different frequency power. Our software will equalized and /or will match to create a transversal 3-D image to study every single part of the patient’s mouth that will display teeth not only shape but dimensional measure, this information will be uploaded to the monitor and stored on the T2 software, the scanner will also take the digital image of the dental arch, and will display to the monitor as well.

T2 Functionality
Equipped with a two-speed motor (high/low) you´ll have two alternated retractile burs (depending on procedure) in the same handle. Water asperser will be locked at low speed during teeth polish while a thermometer sensor will monitor the temperature at patient’s mouth during all procedure to prevent tooth fracture and patient’s tooth sensitivity.
From T1 tool cavity data received. T2 will automatically retract and then will stop the bur when trespassing calculated measured cavity in the patient’s teeth.
Switch bur buttons will be manage by Dentist’s thumb finger that will secure intentional activation/deactivation.
T2 Head will support two vertical burs, two horizontal led lighting and one central HD camera.
This equipped tool will reduce the time spend and will improve quality of cure procedure.

(I make a video explaining with more details this project, but the internet service here on Mexico is the worse of all so I´m sending my project withow it, but you´ll be able to find it on Hopi maximus Meridius channel, my channel on youtube)


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