Perceptual Health Monitoring

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 ranging from ages 2 through 8 and mostly boys continue to be diagnosed with autism. Identifiable biomarkers at birth to assist in early diagnosis continue to be a challenge. The stigma in some cultures associated with autism is a steep and perilous bridge for parents and support groups to meet the needs of families and kids diagnosed with autism. The Vitalbeat Autism app engages a animated character Ruffles inspired by a loving Labrador helping kids with repetitive tasks and learning. Repetitive actions such as brushing teeth, repeating phrases and several actions involving speech, gestures and audio visual interaction enabled through the use of a interactive perceptual gesture camera and a tablet device. The Vitalbeat app along with the gesture camera and tablet assist parents and kids meet developmental and growth milestones to challenge, overcome and engage children in a more social manner. In particular low income families, community health and diverse cultural groups can afford this easy solution for use in the environs of their choice.


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