Bacterial Infection Diagnostics

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Diagnostic methods are being used, requiring several days from sampling to results for infectious diseases in clinical laboratories worldwide. Elderly, pregnant and pediatric patients require timely, reliable and accurate diagnostics of bacterial infectants.

The aim of this project is the design, development and fabrication of a biosensor, which will determine the type and concentration of bacterial infectants in liquid human samples.

Biosensor will determine the type and amount of bacteria in samples with unprecedented speed of detection, accuracy and reproducibility matching the state of the art cultivation or genetic diagnostics.

The low detection limits might be achieved through functionalized biochip surfaces.

Actual results of measurements are processed on a smartphone. Internet connection offers the advantage of contacting your physician in case of serious infection.

Manufacturing of disposable biochips based on semiconductor technology and functionalization with biolayers is possible in large volumes and prices of up to 10$ per biochip.

We foresee day-to-day monitoring in pregnant women, elderly, children and kidney-disease patients.

Benefits for patients: immediate feedback and relief.
Benefits for physicians: precise and rapid diagnostics before entering ambulance.
Benefits for Points-of-Care: no need to send samples to a centralized lab, saving workforce.
Benefits for government & health organizations: collecting epidemiological data socially, tremendously saving treatment costs, allowing citizens to recover quickly through rapid and accurate diagnostics of infections.


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