AVARII Emergency Bracelet

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AVARII is a medical device in the form of a bracelet that provides automatic communication during an emergency.

The bracelet is composed of a pulse sensor that monitors the user's pulse rate which gives an alert when the pulse is low, null or too high and automatically connects you to an emergency center. The emergency call is made via a mobile communication service which uses a SIM card with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication)and a powerful antenna to determine the exact location of the user even if he is unconscious or dead.

Although it provides an automatic signal, it can be activated at any time, in cases of a car accident, robbery, kidnapping, accidental falls, or any other emergency situation when no phone is available, either in home or on the outside.

The device is intended for all ages, from kids to elderly people and can be turn on and off when not in use or while charging.

This device was designed with the purpose of preventing fatal casualties that could have been prevented by calling an emergency line on time, specially for people living alone.


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