Aortic Cannulae (Click)

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Antegrade Cannulae

Antegrade cannulae are designed to deliver cardioplegia solution to the heart via the aortic. Normal procedures using an aortic cannula, a needle which has the same length as this (10 to 30 cms). The tip of this needle remains exposed all the time, which increases the risk of an accident for the medical team, in addition to connect the cannula to the line which delivers the drug is required to completely remove the needle and then blood flows uncontrollably until it is manually connected to the supply line, with the risk of having an error when the connection, leading to a substantial loss of blood. The cannula proposal reduced to 0 risk of blood loss and the risk of needle stick injury. The new cannula click has a rigid needle bearing inside, this one is exposed by a pressure exerted on a retractable button in the time of aortic puncture after puncture to release pressure on the button and the needle is retracted to allow the passage of blood through a flexible conduit parallel. With this new product can connect the cannula to the supply line before connecting to the aorta, and therefore no blood is lost at any time. Also carries a three-way stopcock to purge the line. The production cost is very similar to current because, although a simple retractable leads as an inexpensive pen reduces the cost of stainless steel needle, since its length is up to 5 cms.


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