Manta Ray Cell Phone Detector

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Manta Ray™ is the answer to the growing problem of illegal and contraband cell phones in correctional facilities, government buildings and law enforcement agencies. Like handheld metal detectors, this unique cell phone detection device is a close range security scanner but unlike metal detectors, Manta Ray detects only concealed mobile phones (ON or OFF) and nothing else. That means no false triggers from other common items such as watches, keys, coins, belt buckles, etc. Manta Ray’s unique detection algorithm filters out common metallic items but pinpoints specific cell phone components common to all cellular phones. This allows any concealed cell phone to be detected even if it is OFF and the battery is removed! Manta Ray works right out of the box for anyone with a color OLED screen, internal rechargeable power system and user alerts (OLED interface, audible and targetting LEDs). Manta Ray is powered by a standard rechargeable 9 volt battery lasting all day with typical use.

Manta Ray is designed for non-invasive searches of anyone in an area where cell phones are discouraged, prohibited or security threats. This could include standardized testing facilities, public concerts, secured federal buildings, correctional facilities and treatment centers, courtrooms, banks and financial institutions.

Since Manta Ray detects specific components found in all mobile phones, it can detect those phones in a variety of ways including hidden or concealed, behind false walls (usually in prisons), smuggled in body cavities and stashed inside mattresses, back packs and pockets. This device warrants reasonable cause for further searching just as a metal wand detector merits frisking and removal of garments and bags for search.

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