Safety and Security

Line-Wise identifiers were created to help resolve problems that exist in a multitude of environments where complex arrays of optic cables, electric wires and fluid/gas tubes are employed to transmit light, electricity, fluids and gases from one location to another, sometimes over considerable distances ("C").

A novel flat pressure-sensitive array which underlies a display screen in a device, preferably having the dimensions of a smart phone. In an access control embodiment,

Problem Description:

To avoid major road accidents on highways at night due to the breakdown or repair of heavy motor vehicles.


A vehicular Adhoc network plays a very important role in research for the past ten years for the safe and comfortable travel of passengers.

Introduction – When we are going to a place by plane, there is always a chance for the plane to crash. If a plane crashes, then there is a lot of chaos and the passengers fight for a single parachute, after all everyone wants to save their own life.

Tractor overturns are still the main cause of fatalities on farms today. In most of these cases, the tractor was fitted with a foldable rollover protective structure (foldable ROPS). Although foldable ROPS should be returned to the upright position immediately upon exiting a low clearance environment,

The Avhiral is a security system consisting of an antivirus, firewall, and has a small server can also apply a control system license against piracy. The device has a processor that just manages cryptographic keys. Fully customizable by five-inch touch screen.

According to national statistics, an average of 38 children are killed every year in the United States from hyperthermia while trapped in a car. More than 15 deaths have been reported in 2013 alone. No one likes to admit that they might be careless enough to forget their child,

Campus settings lack a form of instantaneous communication in the face of technological failure or cell tower overload.

The sound level of our whistle is great enough that it can be heard from room to room in large buildings.

There has been much research on computer vision for the purpose of vehicle safety applications, making use of diverse methodologies like complex vision algorithms. However, despite its effectiveness,

The Birch Material Detector Locator (BMDL)™ is the answer to the growing problem of illegal and contraband explosives, bombs in most any facilities, government buildings and law enforcement agencies and schools. Like a handheld radar detector,

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