"Line-Wise" Snap-On Identifier

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Line-Wise identifiers were created to help resolve problems that exist in a multitude of environments where complex arrays of optic cables, electric wires and fluid/gas tubes are employed to transmit light, electricity, fluids and gases from one location to another, sometimes over considerable distances ("C").

Line-Wise is a simple, inexpensive, snap-on information display that can be readily written on with a pen, pencil or marker to provide comprehensive information about the function, application and any cautionary issues concerning the line to which it is attached. It can be quickly installed anywhere along the length of a line, even in multiples, so persons who must deal with procedures in any specific area along the length of the line can be assured that the line installations are correct, properly maintained and that any cautionary matters are readily made known. This can be especially critical in a busy laboratory environment where there are electric wires along with flexible tubes that may be conveying hazardous fluids or gases. As seen in photo "B", Line-Wise can even be used to help physically affix a flexible fluid transmission tube in its working relationship with a laboratory container.

Line-Wise was designed so it can be easily installed on a range of different diameter transmission media. It also has an engagement feature that helps to maintain its location and display orientation, even when the lines are actively moved about.

Another vital user feature of Line-Wise is its availability in a variety of colors "C". When it is employed in a very complex or cluttered environment with numerous lines tubes and wires in active use, specific functions can be more quickly determined by simply observing the color of the Line-Wise affixed to them.

Each Line-Wise has a molded-in arrow that allows it to be oriented so it will define the direction of media transmission or flow.

Because of its modest cost, Line-Wise can also be employed as a promotional product with an advertiser’s name permanently printed on it and always visually accessible "A".

Line-Wise has been designed to emerge from its production mold as a completely finished product ready for use.

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