MagLite Handle/Baton Kit

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Mag-lite Handle Accessory - Mag-Handle - Adds a handle to your Mag-lite, stop it from rolling around and more!

Seldom do some products achieve the emotional attachment and equivalent respect as the Mag-lite brand of flashlights.

While most would agree that the Mag lite is the worlds best flashlight, it does have an annoyance, it will roll anywhere easily with the smallest encouragement! Well of course that comes from the easy to handle design. The only reason you would 'roll' it in your hand is to have better access to the switch.

Adding the Mag-Handle to your Mag-lite offers:

It allows you to use it defensively in case of a frontal attack when the barrel of the flashlight is held as shown.

The steel insert with stress concentrating tip in the handle bottom could be used to break a car window to help someone escape when involved in a car accident.

Instead of the common law enforcement style of the reverse grip and accompanying orientation of a standalone flashlight, it's easy to see the convenience the Mag-Handle offers.

The Mag-Handle Kit is an easy to attach handle made from just a couple of pieces and you have a whole host of additional conveniences. See the drawings that enable a more comfortable hand position when used with a gun that might be typical in law enforcement.

The Mag-Handle is shown here is blue which might suggest law enforcement use. We could easily offer a red handle for fire departments and green for military uses. Or as Henry Ford once said, any color as long as it's black. The yellow Mag-lite holder portion is in yellow for contrast only. Though it could also be made in yellow.


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