Bomb Detector

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The Birch Material Detector Locator (BMDL)™ is the answer to the growing problem of illegal and contraband explosives, bombs in most any facilities, government buildings and law enforcement agencies and schools. Like a handheld radar detector, this unique BMDL detection device is a long range security detector locator but unlike a radar detector, BMDL detects concealed guns, explosives, and most materials. That means no false triggers from other common items such as metals, compounds, gold, silver, chemicals, etc.

The BMDL has unique detection algorithms that filter out common metallic items but pinpoint specific materials that you may be looking to locate. This allows any concealed explosives and other bombs to be detected and found! The BMDL works right out of the box with a colour OLED screen, internal rechargeable power system and user alerts (OLED interface, audible and Laser locators). The BMDL is powered by a standard 12 volt battery lasting 4 hours, with stand use. The BMDL is designed for non-invasive searches of anyone, or anything in an area where explosives or contraband is located (that includes drugs). This could include most any facilities, public concerts, federal buildings, schools, courtrooms, banks and many more.

Since BMDL detects specific components found in all materials, it can detect those rare mixes of compounds including hidden or concealed, behind walls (usually a building). The BMDL authorized reasonable cause for further searching just as a metal, or large electromagnetic detector may. This means there is no need for frisking and removal of cloths and bags. This is a passive unit, and is very safe this has been tested many time and I have videos by Raytheon to prove it, and of course by FBI Turkey, Thailand.


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