EYES ON. Colors Lighted Speedometer

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Increasing level of AWARENESS while eliminating distraction originated in a control related activity such as vehicle's SPEED MANAGEMENT, by keeping the eyes focused on the road.

Actual speed limit for any section of the road is received in real time by a device on-board, then compared with the speed of the vehicle, and as a result an output signal is transformed into a colored light accordingly, that lights-up on a display conveniently located.

This display with an arrangement of colored lights (green, yellow and red) is located in the zone of PERIPHERAL VISION, preferably over the dashboard. ANY numerical speed value is translated into "right speed" coded as a GREEN light, "slightly over/under speed" coded as a YELLOW light, and "speeding/unsafe low speed" coded as a RED light. As a convention, lights to the right of green light represent speeding; lights to the left of green light represent low speed. Similarly, an UP and DOWN convention could be assumed on a vertical display with the green light in the middle.

When driving at the speed limit value is TRUE, GREEN light is ON.
When driving at the speed limit value is FALSE, AND value is within specific SAFE range, GREEN light stays ON and YELLOW light flashes.
When driving at the speed limit value is FALSE, AND value is over/under SAFE range, GREEN light is OFF, YELLOW light is OFF, and RED light flashes at different frequencies, in accordance with the speeding or unsafe low speed value. This is reinforced by an alarming sound and a voice alert.
Technology needed for this device is already in use (GPS, mapping, software developing, programming, electronic), with high levels of accuracy and reliability.

This device benefits from the universally accepted SYMBOLISM of the traffic light colors, and subsequent CONDITIONING created in the minds of modern civilization. It could be manufactured as standard component on new vehicles, as well as an aftermarket physical product or as an App.

Elders and limited capabilities drivers benefit the most, by keeping FOCUS on what is happening on the road, and reducing REACTION TIME to control the speed of the vehicle. Shapes and spatial arrangement could be taken into account for color blinded persons.

Motorcycle riders also benefit from this device because it could be conveniently installed on the helmet.

Weather conditions, road conditions could be incorporated to the software as moderating factors.
Law enforcement could take advantage of this technology by visually detecting a lighted signal on speeding or unsafe low speed situations.


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