Banshee Badge

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Campus settings lack a form of instantaneous communication in the face of technological failure or cell tower overload.

The sound level of our whistle is great enough that it can be heard from room to room in large buildings. This allows for communication between walls in the face of a crisis (active shooter, stabber, etc). It will improve the safety and security in campus settings such as schools, businesses, hospitals, etc.

Identification badges are required at most campuses

Our badge is designed to contain a chip or simply hold identification cards (and credit cards, etc), but the innovation comes with the whistle that is built into the badge. With students/employees required to carry these badges on them at all times, they also have a whistle on them at all times that can be used to notify others of a crisis, or if some kind of catastrophe occurs and they are stuck in rubble, they can be found.

Any campus that requires identification: college campuses, business complexes (Intel, Honeywell, etc), hospitals, airports, etc.

Manufacturing capability:
Another group in our company is a manufacturing facility. We have created a design with the manufacturing process in mind. It will be plastic injection molded and produced in our facility. Since we are the designer and manufacturer, this allows us to cut out an additional party in the making of the product so our cost remains very low, allowing us to make a high quality product for a very affordable price.


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    Bob Truxes
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    Hiking, reading, football, and soccer.
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    This particular design was inspired by the need to protect my daughter when she was away at school.
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