Magnetic Road

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Today in the world lots of innovation is for safety purpose in vehicle to not to have an accident, but still we face lots of accidents there are lots of other option in vehicle but what is the use we get accident option such as vehicle having safety seat-belt, airbag, sensor or ultrasonic braking but what is the use it's just wasted innovation.

Why I am saying this wastes innovation? Because if one person is driving in high speed 150kmph and behind his vehicle there is another bike and one car at same speed, suddenly one person throws some metal object on road can this above innovation will help you for this 3 person, if yes, how much percent you will be safe! My point vehicle will get damaged, even driver or back seated person will get injured bike driver death or 90% injured, and then what is the use…….

My innovation gives 100% safe driving for all vehicles. How?
Here is how it works:
Magnetic road reading this word u got the idea! Yes, on road electromagnetic belt or metal in a shape of rectangle, ellipse or round shape is laid just below the road face touch in distance of one inch and distance between each layer of electromagnetic can be in 2 feet, so when driver brake the pedal, sensor will give signal on the road and with the help of receiver on road magnetic will stop the vehicle, whether vehicle is coming from any side means front, back, left, right or diagonal or any object is thrown on road. If (X) person vehicle is braking, then (Y) person vehicle will get the braking automatically due to sensor which should install to every vehicle. This automatically work sensor can be in option method like having a switch on/off if driver want to have safe driving he can put the switch ON otherwise he can put in switch OFF method. Reason for ON/OFF switch is for safety purpose. As Vehicle body is made of iron metal magnet will attract if vehicle body is not made of nonferrous metal or some carbon body for their vehicle extra metal piece should install on vehicle below side body
In Drawing (a) Is the rectangle shape electromagnet
(b) Is the road
(c) Is the ellipse shape electromagnet
(d) Is the installation mechanism.
Plus point vehicle weight will get reduce reason if this concept is made we don’t require brake drum and its kit
It will also get help for police.



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