Imagined Speech of Human Thoughts (Secure Data Transmission Among Military Members)

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Background: During the disputes that cost many countries lives due to the terrorists and extremists, the members of national defense seek to secure data transmission between their members.
The recent way of communication can be hacked due to the common way may easily recognized  by them , so from here the alert begins for finding a unique and more sophisticated way of communication that achieve that privacy and safety between the military community. Transferring human thoughts to audio, maybe this was science fiction be in it a way to the reality.

The advantages:
Every human has a unique EEG so the ways of the computation so sophisticated to make your imagined speech and then processed to the other member in audio form. This idea is to have a unique way of communication between EEG headsets that guarantees the security of data transmission.

The Key Feature, components, devices
Secure data transmission, communication between EEG headsets, processing EEG to audio form.
The devices: EEG headset (Emotive) for data acquisition. The EEG lab integrated with BCI LAB, BCI2000, Monte Carlo simulations and MATLAB. The NIRS the functional near infrared spectroscopy for imaging the response of the brain during the imagined speech.

The experiment: the volunteers to the idea will imagine one syllable or two as preliminary results then by using BCI LAB and NIRS SPM toolbox to view the response of the brain as image and EEG signalsn, we will can to detect the feature of each syllable after removing artifacts and noise by using ICA algorithm and signal processing toolbox.

So, it is assumed there will be a library of each syllable due to the experiment for the imagined speech and the second step the frequency of the communication between EEG headset and then the processing of the transmitted imagined speech to audio form through processing Matlab tool box to other member.


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