Air Life Saver

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Introduction – When we are going to a place by plane, there is always a chance for the plane to crash. If a plane crashes, then there is a lot of chaos and the passengers fight for a single parachute, after all everyone wants to save their own life. Most of the people don’t know the way to use the parachute and in mid air, it can happen that parachute does not work because there is a problem in the parachute, and then there life will be in danger. My futuristic design will give a solution to all these problems.

My Futuristic Technology – Air Life Saver

Basic Concept – All passengers will carry their own Air Life Saver (Which will be provided by the Plane Official Services). If the plane crashes, then they can jump from the plane and there will be a launcher button which they will press, by this the Air Life Saver’s fans (high speed which can easily cut through the air) will be ON. And by this they can land safely.

Model Design – 1.The Air Life Saver will be in form of a bag (Light-Weight).
2. There will be four fans (high speed which can easily cut through the air).
3. A launcher button which will allow passengers to directly ON their fans.
4. There will be a safety belt for extra safety of the passengers.
5. Inside the bag, there will be a high voltage battery. The next version of my futuristic will be – Air Life Saver+ which will have a facility of solar charging and rechargeable technology.
6. There will be supersonic wings for smooth flying and for cutting air easily.

Problem it solves – People will not fight for a single parachute as everyone will carry their own personal Air Life Saver. People do not need any technical sense for using Air Life Saver. They can easily land safely.

Conclusion – My Futuristic Technology – Air Life Saver will increase the safety of the passengers while they are on a plane. The passengers can be free from tension and they can land safely by using their own Air Life Saver without any hesitation.


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