Tornado Proof Home

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Home design that provides a minimal obstruction to the high winds of a tornado. Picture shows the basic concept and should be noted that hundreds of different designs are possible. The concept is that by using earth/infill all around the house with sloping grades there are no vertical structures for the wind to blow against except for entry ways and windows but they can be re-enforced using existing methods and technologies. Additional benefits of this type of structure would lower energy cost to heat and cool the building. While this type of construction will add to the cost of building it could be possible to offset those costs with insurance savings. Each year insurance companies have to pay billions of dollars in insurance claims due to tornadoes and home designs that eliminate those payouts should reduce premiums and help everyone overall. Another benefit of this type of construction is fire containment. It prevents fire from a burning building to migrate to the neighbouring houses because of the earth covering. Finally, it will make it better for kids to play due to all the open space without buildings blocking their way (open fields and trees to play in).

As stated the drawings only show a concept but the living areas could be square, rectangular or almost any other shape desired.


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