Pepper Color Gas

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This security object can save your life, your car, and your security. This pepper color gas comes in different designs, so that the robber cannot distinguish the product that you have. When a robber wants to take your car, they ask you to give them your keys, or to throw the keys to them. Well, this design works in this type of emergency, the only thing you have to do is press the buttom (it has a security feature that avoids pressing it by mistake) while taking the keys out of your bag. Once you give the keys away, it is only a matter of time to see the result. 2 Minutes after you give the keys, the design works by expulsing pepper gas with a color, so the robber has no alternative but to stop the vehicle and break the window (but that is a wrong desicion because the color of the pepper gas will make the robber visible to the other people and either way the robber will be unavailable to see because of the pepper gas and feel alot of pain) or to continue driving but he will be intoxicated by the pepper gas. And from the distance will see the color of the pepper gas or just search your car in a very short distance.



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