Stop Child Heat Deaths In Vehicle

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Automobile Car Seat Device: Designed to keep children from suffocating in cars.

•What problem does your design idea solve? There is currently nothing that is used in car vehicles that protect children that are locked up in their cars.

•What are the potential benefits? The benefits are that lives will be saved.

•How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace? Nothing has been implemented.

•Where would this idea be applied? With every child seat installed in every car.

•What is the market potential? Average of 10 million units per year.

•How does your design work?
Device mounted to the car seat would detect:
1. Weight of a child
2. Car seat buckle
3 Motion of a child
If any of the three are present the first alarm would sound if the driver left the car and shut the door.
1-1. The doors would not lock
1-2. A car alarm would go off
The second alarm would sound after 30 seconds.
2-1. The windows would go down 2 inches on all doors
2-2. The horn would sound
The third level alarm would happen after 3 minutes
3-3. For vehicles with On-Star, emergency alarm would be called, then the operator would call 911.

The technology for this would use:
Bluetooth tied to the vehicle's body control module.
Car seat manufacturer's would use seat weight sensors as with current car seats- set to 5 lbs.

•How would your product be manufactured?
Sub-contracted electrical and molded components would be assembled and tested in one facility.

•How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace? Nothing in the marketplace is available for this item. The intent is to make this affordable for all automobile manufacturers to use as an option for all vehicles. Initially as an add-on by dealers, then move to initial design of all vehicles.

Automobile Car Seat Device
Designed to keep children from suffocating in cars.


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