Car Crash Safety with Hydraulic Jacks

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Car safety is the main feature in car manufacturing procedure. Electrical monitoring and controlling devices have being used to detect the crash condition and reduce its damages while the platforms are designed to absorb the impact force by sacrificing themselves.

Our invention:
When you are falling onto the ground, the natural reaction makes you using your muscle energy to absorb the impact force to reduce the probable damages (Fig.1). This muscle is a missing part in safety chain system of the cars (Fig.2).

This muscle could be hydraulic jacks joined to the platform at one end and to the reinforced bumper at the other end. According to the car speed and the distance between the cars, the crash condition could be detected while calculating the impact force that would be exerted. So the full jacks are about to absorb the shock in defined pressure and outlet mass flow. The jack would reduce the impact force that will be exerted to the platform. For instance the impact force of the 100 km/h would be reduced to the 60 km/h impact force. So the damages and the injuries would be greatly reduced.The jack doesn`t need great quality as it is to be used for one time.
1- Reduction in the crash damages and injuries.
2- Low manufacturing cost.
3- Using normal sensors in recent cars.
4- No great changes are required for installation.
5- Easy installation that could be applied to the old cars as safety option.
6- No high quality jacks are required due to disposable use.
All the above mentioned information are adapted from different references. Please do not hesitate for further information.


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