Electromagnetic Brake for Car/Bike

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Electro magnetic brake refers to when an ac supply is given to the ferromagnetic material/metal via coil. there will be production of artificial magnetic field, this type of brake is used in winch technology.

Why we need Electromagnetic brake??
When we compared with normal brake it takes time to make the vehicle to stop it, but if we used electro magnetic brake we can stop the vehicle immediately when we applied . this brake can be used as an auxiliary brake in car/truck. as we seen most of the truck they are using motoring brake . but the motoring brake will occupy small/ large amount of place it can be decided upon the size of truck . so why we can move to this type of braking .. think about it for a minute you can understand.

1)ferromagnetic material - must be crafted/cut to the desired vehicle
2)24 gauge coil- 3/4th feet
3)switch (with fuse)
4)battery 12v

Market Potential:
As the awareness towards an eco-friendly car i.e. electric car . since nowadays electric car brakes are generally mechanical brake . so that we changed to electric brake ,as the car is electric in nature so that the brake also electric

When the vehicle is in moment ,while we applied an brake(switch) ,the switch will be closed and makes the current to flow through the coil and the coil will generates artificial magnetic force ,this force will attract the rim of an vehicle to stop it. we modified an electromagnetic brake, a new rim is attached to the normal rim so preventing friction loss. in modified braking system we need to change the new rim after its gets damaged by friction, this is also an disadvantage but the cost of that new rim is about Rs:200 to 300 INR and $5 USD

Production Cost:
the cost of an product is about Rs:1000 INR and $16.66 USD.
and this type of braking system will help in wide range, if we need to get this project to next level we can add mini generator in the truck and produce own electricity for the battery .since the centuries of world change, we need also to be change .

Comparison of normal braking system(NBS) with electromagnetic braking system(EBS):
1) In NBS the brake shoe is used but in EBS Ferro magnetic material is used Ferrite, iron.
2)time for vehicle come to rest is EBS when compared to NBS
3)cost is less in EBS when Compared To NBS
4)new Rim is an Additional feature TO EBS ,this New Rim Must be changed After the usage of rim or brake when its deprecated. but this is disadvantage when compared to NBS


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