Child Security Band and App

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The child security band and app offers parents of children a simple way to monitor their child's location without having them have to carry a mobile phone. The band provides parents a measure of security as the band is discrete, looks like a fun accessory to wear, and doesnt look like a monitoring device.

Parents need the security to quickly and effectively locate their children, in the event that their child is lost in a mall, a playground, or wherever the need may arise. Using a simple electronic band and a smartphone app, parents within seconds locate the child.

Nothing quite as simple exists on the market today. Nothing looks as fun, nothing as simple and as convenient.

As child safety is number one in a parents eyes, this concept solves a great challenge. Children of all ages would wear the band without thinking what it truly was.

The design basically uses an electronic pulse combined with RFID and GPS technology requiring very little power but serves as a transmitter with a specific coding. The coding can be paired with a smartphone using wi-fi during setup, but GPS technology when activated.

As a parent with children that like to run, play, and get into trouble, the band offers exactly what I need to feel safe.

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