Portable Dual Stacked Solar Still

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The use of alternate forms of energy are essential in the upcoming days as conventional sources cannot be preferred in future due to the uprise in Global warming. Solar energy is the energy obtained from the radiation emitted by the sun, this form of energy is free of cost,inexhaustible and reliable, it is used for water heating, drying and generation of electricity.

Only 4 percent of Earth's water is fresh or consumable and about 70 percent of water is covered in oceans and is non consumable.This design aims at filtering of saline water by solar energy by double stacking solar stills mechanically and thereby increasing the sunlight focus and efficiency of desalination or water purification. When the center region of the container which is usually coated in black to facilitated more attraction of is filled with saline water through a conduit, heat from the sun hits the double solar panel which is double stacked mechanically to increase the focus of the sunlight and lessen the time for pure water collection, evaporation of water occurs as the sunlight strikes on the panel. Nextly condensation process occurs as the vapor hit the inner panel and droplets drip down to the side region and the purified water is collected and used for drinking.

Scope of the design: To purify saline water by utilising double stacked solar panels lessening time for water purification, this design can be used in oceanic regions and focuses on making fresh water available the world population easily in an unconventional manner.



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