Sustainable Technologies

Asphalt pavements are 100% recyclable material, but currently the average US pavement includes only 15% of reclaimed asphalt; so 85% are virgin materials.

Idea and process of coupling a photovoltaic cell to a super capacitor of Graphene to charge while the cell is illuminated and discharge during low or no light periods.

This approach is scalable, and provides a better impedance match to the cell,

An ordinary Edison base LED replacement bulb emulates an incandescent lamp in that it provides omnidirectional light. These are used in table lamps, desk lamps and ceiling fixtures. Purpose made LED lighting, such as strip lamps,

The proposal offers a mean of using the ground air currents on the power lines right of ways that normally lie fallow. These air currents are generally of low velocity, thus requiring a different approach to the present method of depending on high velocities to provide high RPM's.

Base oils can be classified as minerals or synthetics, depending on their source or production process. Lubricant’s world market is about 35 million tons per year and biolubricants represent approximately 1% of this total. But, the biolubricant’s market is growing at nearly 10% per year.

I propose to airlift two small wind turbines to a height (550 meters) utilizing a towed auto-gyro and keep it aloft by means of a tether to the ground. Because the wind is both consistent and steady at altitudes above 500 meters,

Advanced Solid State Cooling Technology

This technology requires three tuned elements to operate:

1. A special nanotechnology-based ceramic produced using an induced self organizing tendency that is used as a heat extractor (energy extraction) element to capture localized or ambient heat.

In the ever changing interior world of the ISS and other human inhabited space structures to come, modular adaptability of life support structures will be key. The already proven and very successful interior green wall technology that utilizes vertically arrayed plants, is increasingly integrated into modern homes and offices,

Of a city’s total electricity consumption, more than 25% of the power is just consumed by the very basic need for air conditioning–to keep the temperature inside offices, homes, malls, shopping complexes, hypermarkets, cinema halls, factory complexes – at an ambient temperature for comfortable working, living and leisure.

An electromagnetic induction device having an array of linearly arranged wires spanning between a pair of conductor plates forming a parallel circuit between each of the wires. The wires are arranged forming a plurality of planes, which are stacked into layers.

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