Scalable Water Purification

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Known Problem:
Clean water is becoming a scarcer commodity, even near large bodies of water. Desalinization processes are expense to implement and very expensive to maintain. Scaling current designs is difficult.

Using hydrogen fuel cell technology, we can develop and implement a very efficient design providing ease of deployment, ease of maintenance, and great scalability.

The source water could be the ocean. By using a process such as electrolysis the overall quality of the water is not of importance, as contrasted with PEM or many other process. By flowing much more water than needed through the electrolysis process and recirculating excess back to the source, the overall concentrations and condition of the water will not be noticeably impacted.

The hydrogen and oxygen extracted from the water is stored and then processed through Hydrogen fuel cells where the hydrogen and oxygen are converted back into pure water, creating electricity.

The electricity from the fuel cell is used to partially power the electrolysis process. The rest of the power can come from a varity of sources such as renewable on-site solar, wind, etc, or from a power grid, generators, etc.

This system can be constructed into a trailer-mounted system or built on a multi-acre site, all depending on needs such as scale and deployment speed


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