Fabric Solar Space Heating - Commercial/Agricultural

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Innovation: The Department of Energy is on record stating that transpired solar collectors (TSC) are in the top 2% of all inventions, ever. Solarwall is the grandfather of all TSC. Sunreps' fabric transpired solar collector (FTSC) is 4-6 time less expensive than the metal collectors.

Manufacturability: 1500 sf of FTSC can be fabricated and installed on-site by two people with only hand tools in days of work.

Marketability: Return on Investment (ROI) is ultimately the single most important factor to any energy realted product. Without incentive in the agricultural sector, (poultry barns) FTSC's pay for themselves in less than three year in the sun starved Pacific Northwest. Half of the 4.2 million commercial building of 50,000 sf or less in the US have a collector payback of less than 8 years, without incentives, with minimal incentives, about 5 years. Bureaucracy and higher labor costs are the reason the commercial installation is more expensive the agricultural sector.

Cost-effectiveness: As stated previously in documented comparisons conducted by the USDOE transpired solar collectors are by far the most cost-effective and they were talking about the metal collectors. Sunreps' non-conductive transpired solar collectors are 4-6 times less expensive than the metal collectors. This means the FTSC is THE most cost-effective solar collector currently available.


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