Self Irrigation Container

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Self Irrigation container ( SIC-A)
Water is life. As we all know, all ancient cultures rose near water resources. They started agriculture, building dams and water reservoirs. Big reservoirs and dams built on rivers, not where there was little rainfall and flat zones. As civilizations develop and upgrade, that means more water consumption, for domestic and agricultural use. The world population is now over seven billion. All studies nowadays show that there are shortages in fresh water. The problem will be more clear in the next two decades. And some expect wars because of water shortages.

The fresh water main resources are rain and snow. The plants benefits are not more than 5% from the rain water; 85% of the rain water evaporates. Instead of technology development, the use of fresh water does not develop good enough relatively. And not equal with the increasing rate of the world populations. As they graduate in the living standards, it means more water consumption per capita.

The new invention, self irrigation container ( SIC-A), in summary is a small colorless PVC container storing the rain water in closed reservoir and then feeding the plants gradually during the dry season to keep the plants alive and surviving. The dry period may be six months or more. We can control the feeding period by the container design and the relative chamber sizes. The SIC-A is more useful in the continental, tropic zone and deserts. Also practical in the slopes of mountains and hills.

The SIC-A can be designed and made in different designs and sizes. (See the attached drawings.) 
We recommended that the SIC-A be made of recyclable PVC for environment purposes. It is manufactured from five pieces + rubber tube and clip for easy manufacturing and for maintenance purposes (screw perforated cover, upper funnel, container top part, container lower part and the perforated cone).

If the plant is a little far we can add a small PVC pipe from the SIC-A outlet to the plant.


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