Streetlight with Air-conditioner & Solar Panel

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Today we are faced with Climate and Environment challenges. In the past few years I had seen on lots of issues on this topic. Some say we should require Green Energy and other people say trees should grow but what  in the present situation are we not thinking about?

To make Green Energy what we require our vehicle emission should be eco-friendly and if there is vehicle how much percent people are buying and still today’s vehicles are not 100% pure eco-friendly.

To grow trees we require small plants and from this stage to become a full tree it will take 4 or more years and within this time between 0 to 4 yrs lots of changes can happen in the climate & environment.

So, my innovation is on a streetlight. Normally the streetlight has a bulb and long length metal or concrete pillar to hold this single bulb and in some other places a bulb with solar panel to save energy. But as climate is changing everyday environment is getting hot in cities and some other places. I had an innovation in which the streetlight is attached with air-conditioning & solar panel so that people, plant, animals can get some cool weather. It’s not compulsory it can be fitted on a streetlight but also it can be fitted in bus stop, taxi stands, outside the building, other public places, etc, etc …. And even in the jungle and sea (pond, river) this machine can installed.

And it’s most important it will filter the Air so we breathe good AIR!!!

Image what is shown how this product will look it can be any shape -- rectangle, round, square, eclipse triangle etc, etc…. as this image is drawn roughly on Google sketchUp 8 (free version) some technical dimensions are missing.


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