Using Earth Rotational Inertia as a Source of Energy

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Surprisingly, if you bring a pendulum to the side, it will start to oscillate in a plan that remains unchanged even though you rotate its base. This is how Foucault demonstrated the rotation of the Earth.

This counterintuitive behavior could be used as a free source of energy. The energy spent by the Earth to force the plane of the pendulum to be changed can generate electricity via a generator or other means.

Technically speaking, we must bring up a good degree of vacuum inside the enclosure to avoid air friction against the mass of the pendulum. Also, the friction at the rotation axis must be reduced to a minimum to harness a substantial amount of energy. The pendulum weight must be large and the diameter of the circular base must also be large enough in order to heave an acceptable rpm at the generator remembering that the base turns only 1/24 of a revolution per hour.
This source of en

rgy is constant. It does not require a sunny sky. It works 24 hours a day and might be installed close to the consumer. It needs no river, no fuel and little maintenance.

Parts description
1- Plane of oscillation of the pendulum. This plane remains fixed relative to the Galaxy and even more.
2- Enclosure
3- Rod
4- Axis of rotation
5- Elementary electric motor or other means to give back original pendulum amplitude after a long time duration of oscillation. A small amount of friction being unavoidable.
6- Taper roller bearing
7- Generator
8- Battery
9- Earth rotation

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