Wind Turbine Solar Powered Water Pump

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The innovation and driving force for the wind turbine solar water pump is brought about by the needs for basic resources such as safe and drinkable water in third world countries as well as environments that make attainability hard if not almost impossible. The lack of electricity and an electrical grid.

This would improve the quality of life, automate a difficult and tedious task as well as maintain safe and reliable water.

The manufacturability for the wind turbine solar water pump is based on off the shelf components and the redesign of necessary innovative components of the water pump system. The use of an ultraviolet filtration system to make the water safer for human consumption and the combination of solar photovoltaic panels in conjunction with a wind turbine system to ensure that the wind turbine solar water pump will be a sustainable and environmentally friendly technology and the storage battery system for the conversion and storage of the solar electrical energy to ensure a continuous and reliable water supply pumping system.

The marketability could be for Third World countries with limited capital and a specific need for safe and reliable water. The wind turbine solar water pumping system will be an environmentally friendly system. There are many places in the world on all the continents in need of this type of pumping system in order to obtain safe water.

The cost-effectiveness of the Wind Turbine Solar Water Pump is based on the synergy of the wind and solar energy combination. Once the system is in place and in operation, the system utilizes sustainable technology that reduces operating costs.


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