Hydro Power Stations With Oscillating Cylindrical Working Elements

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Wide application of the power stations based on use of renewable sources of energy, and the further working out of such technologies became very actual as a result of :
- Reduction of stocks of fossil energy carriers
- Growth of world power consumption
In the world The great number of various types of wind power stations, hydroelectric power stations using energy of current and waves, solar power stations, biofuel and other are developed.
For 2010 alternative energy sources provide no more than 2-15 % of required energy consumption.

Disadvantages of the existing power stations using renewable sources of energy:
* High cost of power stations and high cost of the electric power generated
* Necessity of building of dams or other difficult constructions
* Negative influence on environment
* Complexity of a design and maintenance
* Durable and labour-intensive process of a construction of power stations
Project purposes:
1. To develop the hydroelectric power station of new type without a dike that will have lower cost, and will generate cheaper electric power in comparison with existing kinds of power stations. The offered hydroelectric power stations that are offered here extract kinetic energy of currents by means of the cylinders resulted in a cross-section oscillatory motion by a current of the rivers or the seas.
Adjusting cost of hydroelectric power station – 1160 $ / kW (and cost of the electric power 0.01 $./kWh)
2. On the basis of this work it is planned to develop a series of hydroelectric power stations with capacity 50 kW and to provide with energy a great number of consumers. Providing with energy on the big capacities (500 kw - 100 MW) is carried out by a set of power station modules on 50 kW.

In comparison with existing power plants, our proposed hydroelectric plant with an oscillating cylinder will have the following benefits (based on "Our results"):
* Without a dam
* The cost of 1 kWh of electricity is less than other energy sources
(solar, wind, natural gas, diesel)
* Environmentally friendly, safe for humans and fish
* Due to its small size in height and small amplitude of vibrations of the cylinder, hydroelectric power station does not prevent the shipping on small rivers
* Easy to install in remote areas
* High reliability design
* Ability to work in automatic mode

Investments in 50 kW hydro power station start paying off from 23 months from the beginning of investment in R&D. Profit by the end of the third year will be around 25 000 million dollars.
See our presentation http://www.vortexosc.com/images/pdf/HydroPowerStationEng.pdf


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