Babylon Effects! (BE!)

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Babylon Effects(BE!) is a specialist in rooftop farming technologies with a focus on ready-to-use farming packages and consultancy services to its customers. The rooftop farming technology specially developed by BE! will enable a range of crops to be grown in poly-tunnel greenhouses connected to a closed-loop water and energy management system. The initial target is to provide sustainable and profitable rooftop farming solutions to building owners. During the whole contract process, BE! will assist and advise its customers for the monthly operations, whilst growing the market for its farming packages.

1. Problem
* Under-used space in urban environments
* Growing pressure on land as urban areas take over farming space
* Inefficient system where food is grown far from the place of consumption
* Disconnection between people and the food they consume
* Demand for freshly produced fruits and vegetables
* Conventional crops grown to be suitable for long transportation and storage, selection of fruit or vegetables for taste is less important
* Requirements to lower CO2 emissions

2. Solution
* Provide roof top farming system in urban environments
* Provide distribution channels for local consumption of food
* Provide know how and expertise to allow customers to install and operate their own roof farms

3. Product Innovation
* Fruit and vegetable will be grown in containers on rooftops. The system is shown in Fig. 1.
* Poly tunnels will be used to extend the growth season
* Rainwater harvest system, water irrigation system, and water recycling will be implemented
* Solar photovoltaic modules will provide electricity needs
* Container pots made of biodegradable materials
* Concept of 3R: reuse, recycle, reduce
* Selected crops include a range of basil, mint, garlic, carrot, onion, lettuce, tomato, aubergine, pepper and zukini
* Future innovations could include different light spectrum and musical therapy

4. Customer Benefit
* Direct Customer (building owner)
* Utilisation of roof space to earn profit with return on investment in three years
* Lower heating requirements for building since roof farm provides insulation
* Roof life extended
* Promoting a sustainable image
* Municipality
* Stimulate local economies and job growth
* Reduce water load stress after heavy storms
* Better food security
* Less traffic in cities
* Lower carbon footprint of city
* Local Residents
* Fresh, tasty, local food
* Opportunity to learn about the food cycle - ‘What You See is What You Eat!’

BE! rooftop farms is distinct from other rooftop farm enterprises in several ways. The unique technologies used in the BE! package have been outlined in section 1.3. Furthermore, all other roof top farms enterprises essentially rent the roof from the building owners. This means that the farm enterprise must provide the capital for the farm infrastructure. Since BE! will use the building owners to invest the capital, this leads to a more scalable model. Additionally, the building owners will generate profit from the sale of crops, which leads to greater profits received than through simply leasing the roof space.


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