Design of Decentralized Hydro Power Plant for Sustainable Development in Urban Areas

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The aim of the project was to develop a hydro power plant for sustainable development. After going through the past and current prevailing scenarios, it was inferred that there were no sources of clean energy in the urban metropolitan today and one was desperately required.

After going through numerous case studies and studying the concepts of decentralization, urban energy requirements and clean renewable sources of energy and combining these concepts, the fore proposed model came into existence.

The model is a classic combination of efficient management of resources and space both of which are of vital essence in the urban areas. It also takes into account the limited resources to generate hydro power and reducing load on the main grid.

A micro hydro turbine generator is to be installed at a head of 15 meters (or it can be taken at a distance of 5 floors), and it will draw water from the overhead tank situated at the top of the building. As there would be number of turbines set up. the turbines would utilize the head provided by the difference in the height of the turbine and water tank. After using this water for power generation by the turbines, it would be directed towards a buffer tank. The buffer tank would then channelize this water to the respective floors and ensure normal flow to the end users.

For a building with 30 floors, 6 flats per floor and 5 residents per floor, the system has shown a 12kWh generation. The taller the structure the greater the generation.

Another advantage to this system is the saving of carbon credits, which would have been utilized if the same electricity would have been generated by nonrenewable sources of energy.

The results show that the system can be a complement to the existing electricity system, and would generate substantial. Also, they would reduce the load off the main grid, which results in massive grid failures that are experienced often.

It is therefore recommended to have such a model working in all high rise structures so as to create a cleaner environment and to foster developmental activities final for the future.


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