Hydrolyseric Triyan Engine

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The gradual increase in the rate of use of fossil fuels and natural gases are not only decreasing the underground balance, but also are polluting the nature, eventually depleting the environmental balance. What we need is a source by which we can decrease the pollution level and create an ecofriendly nature.

The idea of my design works on just simple laws of physics. A water tank will act as the water storage. From there, the water will pass to a vessel where electrolysis of the water shall be done with the help of a chargeable battery. The electrolysis process will split the water molecule into Hydrogen and Oxygen, which are the chief fuels in our device. Now the Oxygen will be injected through a sparker and blown in a heat furnace. On the other hand, Hydrogen will be passed through the fire, which will multiply the temperature of the furnace, thus ejecting a huge amount of heat energy. That energy can be converted to functional energy.

The design idea I built will solve problems like of fuel, pollution, noises, etc. It surely is an ecofriendly device as it uses only water as fuel. The current devices and engines use either fossil fuels or natural gases, whereas the one I designed will use only water, hence the pollution will be null. This design idea belongs to the advanced sustainable technologies. Since it uses free fuel, it will bring a great relief in the industrial sectors. The design works on electrolysis, combustion, and roasting process. It can be manufactured by using a water tank, electrolysis set, gas suckers, heat contaminator, the engine and accessories. On the basis of its output, it can be expected to cost low in comparison to others. This design idea can perform tedious tasks; prevent pollution, save economy, offer alternate energy solution, and lead to the conservation of natural resources.

It’s to be accepted that water will make the most efficient and convenient source of fuel. Now the electrolysis process divides Oxygen and Hydrogen, which proves no outcome of greenhouse gases. Hence, it’s completely ecological.

Now, in this era of developing world, what we need is not only advanced technology, but also a medium of technology which can secure civilization, environment, and so the world.
Thanking You,
Trinayan Bhuyan.


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