Biodegradable Scrubber

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• A complete solution for Cleaning, produced with latest design on a Turkish Towel.
• A must for every, Households, Hotels, Messes, Paint Shops, Work Shops etc.
• Perfectly Cleans, Utensils, whether black or oily or dirty, Pots and Ovens, Stove and Tools, Machinery, or Tiles and Floors, solves all your cleaning problems, even at high Temperatures.
• After work is over it can be completely washed and cleaned , without holding any food particles or left over, so NO danger of developing Bacteria as in other Scrubbers.
• This Scrubber is Biodegradable and Eco Friendly
• Being simple and useful it has good Export market
• Thus it is most Hygienic, safe, simple and easy to handle, with a gentle and soft touch. Without any health hazards.
• Available in Hard and soft textures as per requirement.
• Can be used for about a month.
• It is handy, compact, and without Rust.
• Can be tailor made as per requirement for bulk purchases
• Cost wise quite competitive


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