Conversion of a 950va Petrol Generator to a Self Run 950va Renewable Energy – RE Rotary Genset

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Conversion of 950va Tiger petrol generator to a renewable energy-RE powered 950va rotary genset is an experimental setup aim at carryout feasibility studies on ways of providing an alternating current- ac electricity generation for about 20hours /day. The 950va RE rotary genset is a combination of motor/generator arrangement. Its principle of operation is similar to normal inverter but energy draw from battery is only half of total energy consumed by normal inverter to produce same ac output.

Preliminary investigation was carried out to the best approach to establish such a technology inorder to contribute in solving problem of epileptic power supply in Nigeria and all third world countries.

From this activities, it is feasible with a 10 set of solar panels on the roof of the house or an open space with modular energy content each 250w capacity at peak, 8-10hours maximum operation daily.

4 sets of solar panels in parallel connection designed to supply the dc motor adequate power to run 950va alternator coupled whenever there is sun rays and work till day break. The other 6 sets of solar panel also connected in parallel are meant to charge 6 pieces of 200AH,12V battery continuous for the same period .In the night period, motor/generator is switch-ON to cater for night operation up to 12hours, delivers 220V/4A, 50Hz ac electricity.
When tested with some domestic appliances, it has 50Hz frequency better than a 95ova tiger petrol engine generator that fluctuates, it is more quiet and environmental friendly and indeed cost effective as there is no need to buy or fill petrol tank again.

The RE generator developed is more rugged and can be use in any environment where the inverter cannot function properly as expected
COST; US$1562.5


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