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This system, based in a plastic cylinder inside a square area, allows in a minimum space, 1.20 by 1.20 m, height 2.40 to perform in total ergonomic protection, all functions related to personal care. While the user will stay in the cylinder, totally plain and without dangerous edges or right corners and volumes, in the corners left between the cylinder and the square volume, all fixtures will be integrated by different groups and will pop out as needed. The four corners are for the following functions:
1. Toilet, urinal, and service-container.
2. Wash basin, bidet and container.
3. Foldable seat a container.
4. Closet for shower support.
5. Shower system integrated in cylinder.
All utilities will be included with features such as non toilet paper washing and drying system, air jets for drying, vapor and sauna effects. This system will substitute conventional bathrooms, allowing personal units in a total safe and ergonomic space.


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    André Caminoa
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    I am interested in explore the boundaries beyond traditional architecture, looking through the experimental architecture for extreme environment and more precisely interested in space architecture. I am a believer in the synergy of Art, Science and Technology.
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