HVAC Battery Operated Zoning System

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A HVAC zoning system based on a rechargeable, battery operated, wireless zone or room damper and a centralized control system. The system is comprised of three components, a wireless temperature sensor for the zone to be controlled, a wireless, battery operated zone or room damper and a central control system with a web interface to allow users both remote and local user temperature settings. The central controller will act as the thermostat to the HVAC unit, calling for heat or cool as each zone requires. Each zone will have the ability to schedule occupied and unoccupied times and temperatures, therefore minimizing overheating or overcooling for less occupied or unoccupied spaces.

The battery for the damper is recharged by harvesting energy from the airflow in the ductwork, virtually eliminating the need to replace batteries.

The system may be deployed in residential, commercial and industrial facilities to balance the disparate temperatures within a facility, caused by a single thermostat measuring point, during the different times of the day.


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