Hybrid Solar Wind Turbines

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I have created a solar spinning top for wind turbines and other applications. The solar photovoltaic cells rotate at high RPM's on domes and conical shapes while providing power to bicycles, cars, segways, wheelchairs, skateboards, prosthetics, airplanes, frisbees, and many other agendas.

We have been issued two patents:
Patent #8,338,977
Patent #8,354,75....and others pending worldwide for rotating solar photovoltaics.

Some selling points of the spinning solar domes are:

--Increasing power outputs
--Creates a hybridized new product with each agenda
--Increases sunlight capture by spin angle of solar dome/ photovoltaic umbrella
--Lowers wind turbine start-up speed
--Artificially increases wind speed in turbines (wind speed doubles- power outputs cubed)
--Exponentially increases the marketplace for solar energy on mobile platforms
--Creates a paradigm shift in solar cell applications and manufacture
--Makes affordable power for homes and business worldwide
--Reduces pollution as green energy becomes the norm on solar products to the masses

Our hybrid products for solar photovoltaics rotating will revolutionize land, air, and space travel with new opportunities discovered continually. The momentum has been developed to take these prototype products to the next stages of creation.

Solar motion is here to stay and is a powerful asset to provide solutions long into the future.



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