Hybrid Power System

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Our Hybrid Power System HPS-1 changes the game in backup / remote power generation:

Incorporating a sealed, absorbed glass mat deep-cycle battery and an industrial full sinusoidal power inverter, we have been able to reduce fuel consumption by more than 50% over a conventional generator. The addition of an optional 500 Watts of solar panels (also mounted on a mobile platform), creates a truly robust backup or remote power solution.

Without any solar, one 5 gallon cylinder of propane will operate a modern 25 cubic foot refrigerator for 2 full weeks.

With this portable system it's possible to distribute a vaccine to an incredibly remote location, using only minimal fuel with a very small footprint. Both the power system and the refrigeration unit will fit in one small pick-up.

As the system is designed to operate at nearly 200% of its steady-state output for a full 30 seconds, nearly any motor load can be started with ease. In a post hurricane Sandy scenario one unit can operate a refrigerator, a chest freezer, a house furnace, a coffee pot, a microwave and a modern wide screen TV.

No operator input is required. Once activated, the fully automated system starts itself when needed and shuts itself off when charging is complete. A manual override is provided to allow a longer charge cycle to proceed an 8-10 hour quiet period.

Given its superb flexibility and minimal fuel consumption, our HPS-1 gives a glimpse of a more sustainable future in power generation.


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