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Are you ever on the go and find that your cell phone battery is running low? Isn't it a pain in the butt when this happens? All too often, when we're on the go outdoors we simply don't have access to a plug to charge up.

We at Sol Power LLC grew tired of being on the go and never having outdoor charging options available when our cell phones were dying. Nothing's more frustrating than searching frantically for the nearest Starbucks to find a charging outlet when your battery is down to that last bar.

We recognize people today use their phones to do just about everything, and that we need charging solutions in more convenient locations to support this lifestyle of connectivity. For this reason, we at Sol Power LLC decided to try to solve the outdoor charging problem by developing solar powered charging stations for mobile electronic devices, primarily smartphones and tablets. Each of our stations has individual lockers for both cell phones and tablets, along with universal charge adapters. In this way, we provide 3 big benefits to mobile device users:

1.) Users can charge their devices without having to stand awkwardly by while waiting for a charge (as is the case with existing charging stations today).

2.) Users don't need to have their specific device's charger on them to use our charging stations. Our stations support nearly all devices, so there's no need to carry all those chargers with you everywhere you go.

3.) Charging is enabled anywhere with our devices as they don't need to be tethered to the grid. Our stations can be located anywhere, from your favorite city park to most remote hiking trail.

Sol Power LLC also uses a sponsorship model to offer the charging service for free to device users. So our stations offer a convenient, free and environmentally friendly way to charge up your electronic devices on the go. In this way, we're encouraging the use of renewable energy sources in our everyday lives, helping the general population become more comfortable with renewable energy.

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    Ryan Wright
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    Daniel Viner
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    I have 2 major passions in life, sustainability and fitness. I love creating clean technologies that can help us to support and advance society, without negatively impacting the surrounding environment. And secondly, I enjoy staying active and challenging
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    Boston Hardware Meetups
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    I've always been inspired by native Americans and their belief in the idea of seven generations. Making decisions today based on how they will impact the lives of the next 7 generations is something that will help us as a populations better utilize our resources and ensure our children inherit a health planet.
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