New Way of Making and Selling Clothes

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Suits for men and women are taken as examples of complex human clothes. Usually garments shops offer 4-7 different sizes of suits designed for standard people. No wonder, that many of them are left unsold wasting resources and money as standard people are not exist. The alternative is to make an alteration (not always possible) or make an order to individual tailor (always expensive). In any case a suit is made using preparation attachments: standard in high-volume or individual. The goal to make individual, but high-volume production with almost no extra cost.

In suggested case, the shop is only an exhibition of fashion design where customer choose fabrics, colours, fashions. In special enclosure, a 3D scan takes measure (see Fig) which converts (say by CAD software) to electronic figures of individual preparation attachments according chosen fashion and send to a factory (which can be situated anywhere). The factory cut fabric, according received preparation attachments (say using CNC laser cutting machines), tailor suits and send them back to the shop.

It is possible to produce special plastic cards (similar to credit cards), where 3D scan figure of a person will be store, thus, not necessary to make a scan each time (only scan the card). In this case, suit can be both over the internet (choosing on-line fabric, colour and fashion)on sending data directly to the factory)


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