Automatic Thrust Augmentation

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The automatic thrust augmentation is the method of powering a high speed aircraft with the objective of minimizing the fuel consumption and making use of the atmospheric air in collecting the propellant. The automatic thrust augmentation is a system that can be used in assisting the main engine in order to provide thrust during critical situations which includes crossing the sonic region, during air combat, taking off from an aircraft carrier and so on. This method of thrust augmentation includes making use of the atmospheric air in collecting the propellant (oxidizer) and mixing it with the aircraft’s fuel for the combustion to take place. Also, these processes occur automatically without pilots’ effort which also increases accuracy and relieves pilot’s stress. Since we are collecting the propellant from atmosphere, we can minimise fuel consumption significantly, and further research in this can lead to many other developments in aerospace field.

Technological Innovation

• Uses atmospheric air as propellant
• This is an automatic system unlike the existing thrust augmentation systems
• Minimizes fuel consumption for thrust augmentation
• Avoids the use of regular liquid/solid propellant leading to possibilities of extending to infinity range.


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